Are you planning a party, event or wedding in Bali?

Are you considering hiring a professional DJ for this party, event of wedding? And are you wondering...

  • Where to find a good DJ in Bali?
  • Who is the best DJ in Bali?
  • Which DJs in Bali are professional DJs?
  • How to hire a DJ in Bali?

There are a lot of DJs in Bali nowadays, and it can be difficult to distuinguish the good DJs from the very best DJs. As DJs for parties, events and weddings perform in a lot of different places, you won't find them on Tripadvisor.

That's why we did some reseach to give you some suggestions for DJs that you can enquire with. They have been selected for their expertise, experience, communication skills and legal status to perform in Bali. They have all the necessary legal papers, are true professionals in the entertainment business, and are among the best DJs in Bali.

DJs for wedding and events

The DJs from 'Majestic Premier wedding DJs' are highly experienced, dedicated professionals who know all the ins and outs of DJ performances at weddings and events in Bali. Numerous reviews from former clients (read them on their Facebook page) indicate just how well they know how to meet and exceed people's expectations.

Whatever the music taste of you and your guests, whatever the venue, whatever the desired vibe, you can't go wrong with the DJs of Majestic!

DJ/VJ for weddings, clubs, bars & lounges

DJ Paddy is one of the most (if not the most) booked professional wedding and party DJ in Bali, available for weddings, (birthday) parties, pub nights and corporate events.

DJ/VJ Paddy gives you an unique opportunity to have a 3rd choice regarding your wedding entertainment. Normally you only have the option between a band and/or a DJ, but did you ever think about a Video DJ?

Premier wedding DJ

Imagine feeling like this after your big day:

“Rob you’re the man! Polite, energetic, professional and you have a real attention to details. You made our perfect night, even more perfect and truly magical. The party went off with a bang, and kept on with an indescribable energy to the very end on the dance floor! We wanted a real party, with tons of energy, smiles and dance, and that is what we got!! We would recommend you to any one. You are truly the best!!” - Anh & Mathias

Premier wedding DJ Rob Soundz knows just how to do that. With his extensive experience performing at over 1.000 luxury weddings, he has perfected the art of wedding performances and pays attention to every detail, leaving your expectations far exceeded.